I can’t believe this is vegan! Stunning Vegan Bakery in Toronto

The Vegan Danish Bakery in Thornhill, Ontario is authentically Danish! It has all kinds of european baked goodies that typically have eggs, butter, cream and milk.  I had nothing to eat for lunch and drove on a long, slow boring road for an hour just get to get to this bakery. I had first heard about it from the web and knew I had to go there.

When you arrive, you step into a beautiful little dainty european paradise. The bakery is designed with fine details that you know the four sisters that own this place probably put as much care and effort into their food as they do taking care of their physical space. For lunch I had a mountain of sugar. I ate a rich pecan butter tarts ,which I haven’t had in years because I could never find vegan versions. It was gorgeous! I also ate a strawberry ice cream sundae with real, man-made strawberry compote, whipped cream and silky vanilla ice cream, all entirely vegan.

Next time I go to Toronto, I’m definitely going there again regardless of the horrible Toronto traffic.


OMG! The best strawberry vanilla sundae – all vegan. Many the stunning Vegan Danish Bakery in Thornhill, Ontario. Photo credit: Me! Goldenera

Getting Creative in Helping Refugees


Photo credit: Saveur, J.Walton

Have you been struck with great sadness at seeing daily photos of the plight of the thousands of refugees walking from one country to the next in Europe?  Who would have ever imagined that in the year 2016, when cars can run on electricity and when the internet is being compared to water as an essential good, we have thousands literally walking miles and miles to reach a country that will grant them asylum?  In Canada, we have brought in 25, 000 refugees from Syria this past year. I’m happy to say that I’ve been one of those immigration officers that helped bring this project to fruition. While 25,000 is just a drop in the bucket it’s still something incredible but more so the public support to do this was remarkable.

When many newcomers come to Canada, they immediately face the challenge of trying to obtain a job.  Here’s a really nice story of two Syrian women, brought to Canada with their families as refugees by a group of Canadian strangers. The women launched a catering company, with the help of many in the city of Hamilton, and are well on their way to self-sufficiency. That’s the spirit of entrepreneurship and of helping each other regardless of where we come from.

Story: Syrian Refugee Karam Kitchen Catering in Canada – SAVEUR

Skin problems? Consider the Dermaroller

It’s more popular to treat skin problems like acne and uneven skin tone by lotions,  but if you’re willing to invest a bit more in treatments that use advanced technology, like lasers and micro needling, you may get more bang for your buck and do away with your problem for good. I’ve experienced this personally with laser treatments. While it took me years to get rid of my skin problem, I actually saved a ton of money and time by doing laser rather than going to a salon every two weeks and forking up $50 a pop. I’ll never go back to a salon again for somethings because laser helped to permanently solve my skin problem. Micro-needling may do the same for you.

Dermaroller and Other Micro-Needling Techniques

You may have heard of Dermaroller, but you might be unclear about what it is. It’s actually a form of micro-needling. There are a few different types of micro-needling. They can be used to treat a lot of different skin problems that you may have. However, Dermaroller itself is best known for treating acne scars. That includes acne scars that are several years old.

Why Dermaroller Treats Acne Scars So Well

There are a couple of reasons that Dermaroller treats acne scars so well. To understand why it works, you need to know that collagen is one of the key substances that helps your skin stay strong and supple. Recessed or indented scars, sometimes known as ice pick scars, can form when there isn’t enough collagen to repair the cells properly. Other scars are more bumpy to the touch. They are often formed when pockets of too much collagen develop.

Dermaroller and other micro-needling treatments can treat both of those problems. First, they can break down large collagen deposits into smaller bits that your body can repair faster. Second, they can actually stimulate your body into sending more collagen to the areas that don’t have enough. Essentially, micro-needling treatment is a way to balance the collagen production scales within your body and even things out. Some people try lasers to do that, but there are situations where lasers can do more harm than good.

Lasers Versus Micro-Needling Skincare Techniques

The reason that lasers are not as good as micro-needling or other alternatives for treating certain skin problems is that they produce a lot of heat. If you have or have ever had acne problems, you know that outbreaks can be directly related to how oily your skin is. Extra oily skin can easily be irritated by lasers and other heat-based machines.

What a Micro-Needling Tool Looks Like

Micro-needling tools come in a few different forms. The most common is a roller. It looks like a tiny paint roller. It can also be compared to a hair brush. The difference is that instead of having the consistency of a brush or paint roller, it has a series of tiny needles embedded into its surface. Those needles are very small, but can amount to close to 200 needles per roller. The damage done by those needles during treatment heals quickly. It can get your body to heal older damage like acne scars at the same time.

The Other Types of micro-needling tools are “pen” and “stamp” forms, which are exactly what they sound like. Known as Dermapen and Dermastamp, they are smaller hand-held tools that can treat a very specific scar that you may want to get rid of, as opposed to a roller device that treats a larger area. Dermapens, Dermastamps, and Dermarollers are all available both in clinics and for home use. However, the home use types generally aren’t as accurate or powerful as the ones you’ll find in a clinic.

What Problems Micro-Needling Can and Can’t Help With

Micro-needling procedures provide many general skin benefits because they help to stabilize collagen production. Minor age spots and wrinkles may improve quite a bit, in addition to scars becoming less noticeable. Some people in the skincare field also say that the holes created by Dermarollers, Dermapens, and Dermastamps can help medicated creams deliver treatment for specific skin problems in a more efficient way.

That said, micro-needling is not the best solution for treating warts, current acne outbreaks, or eczema. There are also other skin issues that can be aggravated by micro-needling more than they can be helped. So, always talk to a professional before trying any clinical or at-home skincare option.

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Found! Another Heaven on Earth….Hola from Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

I’m spending a blessed two weeks in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, a tiny town near Cancun. Despite having only three main streets it boasts a boat load of spiritual practitioners from all walks of life and one off yoga sessions on any given rooftop veranda!


Brilliant You: Sesame Street Always Shines a Bright Light

I was meandering through You Tube and I found this Will I Am video with my favourite friends on Sesame Street Oscar, Big Bird and the whole crew. It is a really uplifting song reminding us that your beautiful uniqueness is special and fly your living colours bright.

Brilliant Tool: The Importance of Grounding to Overcome Depression

Grounding is a key tool to overcoming depression for many people who would define themselves as ’empaths’ or super sensitive people. What do I mean by grounding? Grounding is exactly that – to ground oneself to this earth. To have your feet planted more securely to this planet so you’re more present, more ‘here’. Some of us who are connected to other levels of the universe or higher heavens don’t exactly want to be grounded. After all, earth is a mighty hard place to be. Full of violence and resistance to diversity, but that’s exactly why you’ve come here. To contribute to the beautiful diversity of voices, thoughts and actions that need to exist in order to raise Earth to a much higher level of consciousness.

Grounding has been the single most important tool to helping me use the spiritual gifts I have. Ironically, I’m able to go deeper in meditation, reduce my agitations, be calmer and more focused on my purpose. Grounding has become so important to me, that I don’t leave my bedroom after i’ve awaken until I do my grounding exercise. I currently practice Master Sha’s Lower Dan Tian exercise.

Grounding has also become a key strategy for combating depression. If I feel I’m becoming depressed, sad or agitated specially in regards to my life purpose, I start my grounding practice and then I can feel my frequency shifting to higher levels, almost immediately. If I’m at work and feeling weird, I do it at work in a private place and it works like a charm. Through this practice, I also realized that used to use food as  a means to ground myself. This was an astonishing discovery but it made total sense to me because on mornings when I didn’t meditate at all or I was agitated for no apparent reason, I would go do the food court at work and try to find things to snack on. It’s no wonder why I was always such a big snacker until I came upon Dr. Sha’s grounding technique.

I’ve tried a few grounding techniques in the past but here are some tried and true methods for grounding that have worked for me:

1.St. Germain’s Violet Flame – this was my very first grounding technique and I’m forever grateful to St. Germain for coming forward to teach me this. There are different versions online of the chant that one must invoke when doing this so pick the one that suits you most. Here are a few examples I found online:

2. Walking – good old walking…to anywhere. Just walk and try to walk in a slow to moderate pace. Walking is especially wonderful as a grounding technique if you’re surrounded by nature with beautiful weather but I’ve also donned my good ol’ long johns and bundled up to the max so I can walk outside in -30C weather just to get some fresh air and to ground.

3. Master Sha’s Soul Healing Miracles – Master Sha’s Lower Dan Tian grounding practice is my go-to. Every single morning for the past year I’ve been doing this healing technique for grounding and it takes me about 2-3 minutes to feel grounded almost immediately. Master Sha is an incredible teacher and I’m very lucky to have found him. Take a look at his website and search for grounding and you’ll find info on what’s called the Lower Dan Tian. It is an energy centre just below the navel and  while I’m not able to teach it you can check out his book called Soul Healing Miracles and it will have the Lower Dan Tian healing practice for grounding.

I hope you found this useful. Let me know if you need any other info on grounding and I’ll see what’s in ‘my vault’

Happy Grounding!

All the Joy that Knows No Bounds – A New Year Wish for You


All the Joy that Knows No Bounds

Soaring High Above all the Skies

Home I Came, My Heart’s Aflame

Heavens high and Seamless Skies

My wish for you today is to listen to this uplifting song full of vibrations from the high heavens. Download it (it’s free!)


A Spiritual New Year’s Eve

Have you ever tried doing something spiritual for new year’s eve rather than something loud and boisterous? Some years I’ve partied but my heart always wants to do something quiet where I want to reflect on the year that has just gone by and what I want to envision for the new year.  The new year, just like a new day, is an opportunity given to us to make our lives better, to reach that goal or to simply be a better person.

Here’s a free even happening at 2pm EST but you can join after that as well since chances are that this telecon will go past one hour. Open yourself to the possibilities of what this spiritual meditation and blessing session could you do for you. You never know what good thing is waiting around the corner for you.


Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree | Mental Floss


This is an awesome diagram of the root languages and where they ‘ended up on going’ so to speak. The diagram itself is a work of art! Go to the link to see the full story and the credits. It even shows regional languages of India, including my mother tongue, Marathi, which in english media, I don’t often see referred too so it’s nice to see it here. I had no idea that Marathi was considered a central Indian language since the state from which it is spoken, Maharashtra, is located in the south-western region of India.

Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree | Mental Floss.