Zombie Makeup Auction

Zombie Makeup Auction

The Product

Zombie makeup has been donated to the Dark Hill Films production Are You Afraid of the Dark?: A Tribute.  The makeup is by Joe Blasco Cosmetics.  Joe Blasco’s work has been seen in Hollywood for the last 5 decades.  Some of the most iconic monsters of the 70’s were created by Joe Blasco.  He became the personal makeup artists of Hollywood elite, such as Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Lauren Bacall, and Dick Clark, just to name a few.  He went on to create a school for makeup artists and cosmetics that are not tested on animals. Hence, Joe Blasco special effects makeup ranks among the best, with Mehron.

Our Donor

Scott Lancaster is a photographer in Oklahoma City.  He photographs and runs the Zombie Bolt 5k, wherein runners dress up as zombies and participate in a 5k run the first week of October every year.  He has worked with our project’s hair and makeup department head, Candie Renee.  Because of her working relationship with Scott, we have a highly sought after kit to offer up.  Therefore, you have an exclusive opportunity to own your personal zombie makeup kit!

Your Opportunity

Finally, this is your chance to own this kit!  You will NOT find another one, trust me! I looked!  Grab it now over HERE.

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