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Crochet Slouchy Beanies

DISCLAIMER: This post contains affiliate links.  I do get paid a small commission for the purchase of the items featured.

As I got back into crocheting, I wanted to make beanies.  My husband and children all love beanies.  This was a way I could make them something with a little love sprinkled in, save some money, and they have something to remember me.

I love the look of a slouchy beanie and my daughter likes them best.

Daughter Slouchy Hat

My daughter wearing the slouchy beanie I made for her.

I was in for a little surprise!  The ombre yarn I chose pooled to form stripes!  It was a happy accident.  I later learned that you can actually plan the design of ombre yarn so that you get the look you want.  I’ve added to my list a plaid scarf using ombre yarn.  How cool is that!  One skein of yarn makes a multi-colored piece!

With that, I’ve posted my first slouchy hat for sale in my shop.   I used the yarn shown below.


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