Post-Production – AYAOTD

The Finish Line

We completed principle photography on Are You Afraid of the Dark?: A Tribute on September 17th.  Principle photography entailed a total of 6 days at two different locations.  We are now in post-production.  A trailer is scheduled to be released by October 14th, with a world-wide on-line release of the completed film on October 31st.   It will be the 27 year anniversary of the first airing of the series.

We are confident this project will be well received.  It is already visually stunning and the story is well told.

In spite of the little funding to date, this project is looking to take fans by storm.  However, we still have expenses that need covered.  As a result, we have launched a new Indiegogo campaign.

The campaign is seeking only enough funding to cover our outstanding expenses.  We have created some enticing perks so you get something for your contribution.  Any funds we receive above our goal will go toward paying our cast and crew, who have generously donated their time and talent.

Our campaign is only as successful as our followers sharing.  Therefore, we need your help.  Sharing often and asking your friends to share, too, spreads the word to audiences we otherwise could not reach.  As a result, the contributions from those shares help us meet our goal.

Click on over to the campaign page and get introduced to our crew.  Updates will be posted throughout the duration of the campaign, introducing you to our core cast.

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