Indiegogo Campaign for AYAOTD Tribute

Indiegogo Campaign

First, Indiegogo is our platform of choice for crowd-funding our project.  We know there are thousands of fans of the original Nickolodean series and we have heard from many who are excited to see our project come to completion.

In addition, this project is a film created by fans for fans.  We are calling on our fellow fans to join us in being a direct part of this project.  We value all input into this from the fans.  Great feedback is already coming through the numerous articles and podcast interviews.

We are filming in spite of not having full funding to show our state the demand that exists for film production within the state.  By acquiring funding, we can further show our state the impact that film production has on the economy.  Providing pay to our cast and crew adds value to the economy.  In addition to adding value to the economy, producing a film that consists of 99.5% Oklahomans puts the money back into the state.  Therefore, ongoing film production is a necessity because it provides jobs.

You are invited to follow the many articles on this project via our posts in our “Press” menu option.  Please click the post header to learn more about our campaign, view the campaign perks, and make a contribution.

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