Company Ownership

Company Ownership Change

Dark Hill Films vs. Brilliant Dawn Productions

Company Ownership

First of all, let’s clear up the company ownership.  Brilliant Dawn Productions formerly operated as Dark Hill Films.   After acquiring Dark Hill Films, my colleagues and I have gone on to do our own things separate of one another.  As a result, a new company is necessary.

The Dark Hill Films website now shows   However, is still live and active but is redirecting to this domain.  A lot of time and money went into developing the Dark Hill Films website. A lot of articles exist on various sites about the Dark Hill Films project, Are You Afraid of the Dark?: A Tribute. I neither wanted those links broken nor to continue paying for a website that sat unused. For these reasons, I decided to repurpose the website for Brilliant Dawn Productions and redirect the Dark Hills Films domain. Thereby, keeping all links live and all information about the AYAOTD project useable.

The AYAOTD project will remain credited to the Dark Hill Films company. The credit for my individual involvement in the project is as executive and line producer. I will not credit Brilliant Dawn with that production.

Brilliant Dawn Productions is the company under which I will promote any film production in which I am involved as a producer of any kind and that which the company produces itself. All credit to these productions will be given appropriately and with permission. The new name, mission, and vision reflects my individual personality, mission, and vision.

Finally, as of November 1, 2017, I will no longer do production business under the Dark Hill Films company. I will continue to retain ownership of the Dark Hill Films company, unless my former colleagues make arrangements otherwise.

~Heather (Cates) Johnston, Owner, Dark Hill Films & Brilliant Dawn Productions

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