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Teaser – Are You Afraid of the Dark?: A Tribute

Official Teaser

We are incredibly proud of how the teaser turned out and the incredible talent of our editors.  Our special effects editor, who is also our DP, brought the title to life with motion graphics.  He also added in the effects seen on the entity that hovers over the boy’s bed near the end of the clip.

We hope you watched it all the way to the end to find our director of photography and co-director talking about how you can be a part of making this production come to life.  Following those update on our Indiegogo page.

Following our agreement, iHorror released the teaser first on their website, along with a great article.  We are incredibly appreciative of their reaction. Follow the comments on their Facebook page post.  They are encouraging! iHorror Exclusive Release

Read more about how this project got its start in our original story last month.

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